FINISHIT is a super limited edition game.  There were only 500 printed! We ran into a snag where game retailers don't really want to put a product on the shelves that says SHIT on the box. Ooops.  So when FINISHIT's 2nd Edition comes out, it will have a whole new name (suggestions?).  That means the 1st Edition games will be collector's items - haha. 


  • Only 500 copies were printed and out stock is almost gone!
  • This game is from Guelph, Ontario but has made it's way to Mexico, Texas, Egypt, and all across Canada!
  • It's the only game whose name has another word for poop in it!
  • You can win this game by being the worst player.
  • You can win by being both great and terrible.
  • The box design was done by Cai Sepulis - a really cool artist from Guelph.
  • There is a secret message hidden within the cards - can you find it?
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