NOTE: This document is intended for informational purposes only to provide an overview of the potential hazards posed in the workplace due to COVID-19. It is not intended as medical or scientific advice, to provide a comprehensive risk assessment for all workplaces, or to replace any legislated workplace safety obligations. Due to the ongoing evolution of the situation in Ontario and around the world, this document may be used as a guide for Employers in addition to guidance delivered by government and public health authorities, including, but not limited to the World Health Organization (WHO), Ontario Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Any use which is made of this document by any Employer, or any reliance on or decisions to be made based on it, is the responsibility of the Employer. Freaky Wizard and its partners, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, suppliers and service providers accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions in content or for damages of any kind or nature suffered by any Employer or any third party as a result of use of or reliance on this communication.

COVID-19 Safety Plan – Freaky Wizard
Business name: Freaky Wizard
Date completed: Sept. 12, 2021
Date distributed: Sept. 12, 2021
Revision date: New
Developed by: Jamie Doran
Others consulted: Simcoe County Health Unit

This is a COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN for Restaurants, Bars and Food or Drink Establishments

Freaky Wizard is a board game cafe and toy store. We adhere to the Reopening
Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020, S.O. 2020, c. 17, specifically the regulations for restaurants, bars, and food or drink establishments.

How will you ensure all workers know how and are able to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19?

Note: If any of the people listed in this plan are away from work (example – on vacation or off sick), they will make sure someone else is assigned to complete their tasks. If they are unable to do so, Joem will ensure this is done.

Staying up to Date
ƒ Jamie is a member of the Georgian College Senior Team and gets COVID19 updates on a weekly basis. This include all Government of Ontario and Simcoe County updates and protocols that he shares with Freaky Wizard where appropriate. ƒ Joem and Jamie will maintain a current understanding of all relevant COVID-19 regulations and local by-law requirements.

Communication with Staff
ƒ Joem will email this plan and any updates to all staff.
ƒ We will share & post updates so staff are aware of regulations and protocols.
ƒ Information will be shared by email and communicated by managers in person. If a staff meeting is necessary, it will be held in the Great Hall to allow for distancing. ƒ Joem and Jamie will share weekly updates in person or through our Facebook messenger group to all staff letting them know any new developments, giving them reminders of how to keep safe, and
thanking them for their work. ƒ Joem and Jamie are responsible for ensuring all staff contact information is up to date.

Staff Training
ƒ Staff will be trained on how to safely put on and take off masks and face coverings. ƒ Important health and safety information will be discussed with staff and emailed to everyone by Joem or Jamie.
Staff will be told not to come to work if they are sick. They will be provided with information about what to do if they develop symptoms, where the online self-assessment tool can be found, and who their workplace contact is should they need to inform us. Staff are encouraged to use available COVID tracking and exposure tools, such as the Canadian COVID Alert app (https://www.canada.
ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/covid-alert.html). ƒ Staff will be notified that screening will be performed prior to entry of each shift. Staff must sign in on the COVID Screening for Employees sheet prior to starting work.  Staff will be trained on the cleaning and disinfection procedures and schedule.

Communication with Customers
ƒ Joem will ensure that any notices required by public health or other government regulations are printed and posted visibly (in the window beside the entrance door).ƒ Jamie will review our social media and website once every two weeks, and will ensure that they are updated to let customers know how we are working safely and what has changed. ƒ Jamie will make sure the website and Google page are up to date when there are changes to hours or how service is being done. ƒ When customers arrive, the host (who will wear a mask and be behind a plexiglass divider) will remind them to keep their mask on until they are seated at their assigned table and while ordering and will explain our serving process.

How will you screen for COVID-19?


Staying up to Date
ƒEvery Monday morning the manager will check Ontario.ca and our health unit website for any updates on symptoms and screening protocols. ƒ All managers will let the rest of the management team know any relevant information they see in the news related to screening and symptoms.

Screening staff
ƒ Staff can complete the Ontario COVID-19 Screening Tool for Workplaces before coming to work.They must message their manager prior to their shift if they have any Covid-19 symptoms. ƒ The manager will check that these messages have been received and reviewed before staff can begin work each day. If staff forget to send in the message, the manager will ask them to complete the COVID Screening for Employees before they will be permitted to start their shifts.
Screening other work-related visitors (e.g., maintenance, cleaning, delivery, inspection)
ƒ A sign will be posted at the entrance asking all visitors to complete the COVID-19 self assessment and sign-in using the contact tracing sheet at the front door which includes the date and time of the visit, name, contact details.

Screening Customers
ƒ Screening questions will be posted on the door for customers and in the self-assessment checki-in at the front entry of Freaky Wizard.
      – If our region is in the Restrict level, the host will ask each customer if they have read the questions and if they have traveled, have any symptoms or any known exposure prior to entry.
      – If a customer answers yes to any of these questions, they will not be allowed in the restaurant.

The host will offer a take-out option or to rebook their reservation.
ƒ We will have a guest log to collect name and contact information (phone number or email address) for one customer per group.
      – If our region is in the Protect level or higher, the host will record the contact information for all seated customers in the guest log. The daily log will be kept for a minimum of 30 days.

How will you control the risk of transmission in your workplace?


Maximize Distance and Separation
ƒ Barriers are installed at the cash /pickup counter. Joem will review the condition of the barriers daily and ensure that any damage is fixed immediately.
ƒ Physical distancing markers are installed on the floor at the entrances and throughout the store. Joem or Jamie will replace any damaged markers.
ƒ There will be a limit of 9 tables in the cafe section to allow for 2 metres between tables and space for servers to move around.
      – If our region is in the Protect Level, we will seat no more than 6 people together.
      – If our region is in the Restrict Level only 4 people may be seated together, so even if all tables are full, it is below the limit of 30 people indoors.
– If our region is in the Control Level no more than 10 people may dine inside the restaurant.
ƒ The Great Hall can accommodate up to 10 people from the same bubble.
ƒ Staff meetings will be held in the Great Hall or in the main dining facility to allow for distancing.

Source Control Masking and Using Personal Protective Equipment
ƒ All staff must a wear mask or other face covering at all times when on the premises, except for break times when physically distanced from others while eating, drinking, or smoking in designated areas. ƒ The manager on duty will ensure that all staff are wearing masks. ƒ When seating customers, the host will remind them to keep their mask on when inside the restaurant and only remove it while at their table eating or drinking. ƒ When possible, all staff should avoid approaching tables while customers are eating and drinking. ƒ Jobs will be assigned to minimize the number of staff interacting with customers.
ƒJoem or Jamie will ensure that masks are available for anyone who needs one.
ƒ Staff who serve tables will need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) a procedure mask and eye protection. Face shields will be provided. ƒ Only staff wearing PPE may deliver food and beverages to the tables or approach within 2 meters of customers who are unmasked while eating or drinking. Joem or Jamie will provide training and information to all staff on the proper use and care of a mask or other face covering and a face shield.  Joem or Jamie will ensure there is up-to-date and clear signage at both entrances clearly stating that all individuals must wear a face covering when entering the premises.

Transmission from Surfaces and Objects
ƒ All commonly touched surfaces and shared areas will be cleaned by the servers at minimum at the start of the day and immediately after use by customers. This includes tables and chairs, counters, food-prep areas, doorknobs, and washrooms.ƒ Joem will ensure that all cleaning and disinfection products we use are Health Canada-approved as effective against COVID-19.

Hand and Respiratory Hygiene
ƒ The manager will make sure that hand sanitizer is available for customers and staff to use at all times, including on the table at the front entrance.
ƒ Public health posters on washing hands and on cough and sneeze etiquette will be posted in each washroom.
ƒ Staff will wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer frequently.

Ventilation and Airflow
ƒ Jamie will coordinate maintenance of the air-handling (HVAC) system according to the Property Manager's protocols. All issues will be immediately reported to the building superintendent.ƒ The ventilation system will be left on overnight.

What will you do if there is a potential case, or suspected exposure to, COVID-19 at your workplace?


Procedure if Someone Becomes Ill in the Restaurant
ƒ Staff should notify a manager if they start to feel COVID-19 symptoms or if they notice someone else showing symptoms.ƒ Call 911 if a person is experiencing severe and potentially life-threatening symptoms, such as difficulty breathing.
ƒ If a customer becomes ill, they should leave the restaurant as soon as possible. Staff must maintain physical distance, and any staff member who must go closer than 2 metres (e.g., for first aid), must be wearing PPE (mask and face shield). If the customer needs to wait for a ride they will be encouraged to wait outside, weather permitting, or in the area beside the front window, maintaining a 2m
distance from others.

ƒ If a staff member becomes ill, they must inform the manager on duty immediately. The staff member must continue to wear a mask. They should go directly home, contact their doctor or Telehealth, and follow the instructions given.
ƒ The office may be used as an isolation room for an ill staff member if they cannot leave the premises right away (e.g., waiting for a ride) and cannot wait outside.

Process for a Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in the Workplace
ƒ Jamie will ask whether a public health nurse or case manager has given any information on next steps, and whether the worker thinks they may have been infected at work.
      – Jamie will complete a Freaky Wizard accident report form as soon as possible.
      – If the worker or a public health official believes that the illness may be from workplace exposure, Jamie will report to the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development and the restaurant joint health and safety committee within 4 days, and to the WSIB within 3 days.
ƒ Jamie will contact our local public health unit to let them know that there has been a case in the restaurant and ask for further direction.

If our local public health unit contacts the restaurant to notify us that someone (customer or staff member) who was at the restaurant has tested positive, the call should be directed to Jamie or Joem.
      – The guest log and contact information for staff and work-related visitors will be provided to public health if needed for contact tracing.
ƒ Joem will send an email to let staff know that there was an infected person at the restaurant, making sure that the person confirmed to have COVID-19 is not identified. ƒ Joem will keep in touch with the sick staff member while they are off work and keep in touch with the WSIB if required. Joem will also keep in touch with any staff members who are directed by public health to self-isolate and share information about supports that may be available.

A staff member with COVID-19 will be allowed to come back to work after they have isolated for at least 10 days, don’t have a fever and their symptoms have been improving for 3 days, or as otherwise instructed by public health or their doctor. ƒ A staff member who has been self-isolating because they were a close contact will be allowed to come back to work 14 days after their last contact with the ill person or as otherwise directed by public health.

 How will you manage any new risks caused by changes to the way you operate your business?

Some new hazards identified and how we will control them include:
More exposure to cleaning chemicals, and workers using chemicals they haven’t used before.ƒ All staff will be trained on safe use of all cleaning supplies which we will be using, and Joem will make sure that the safety data sheets are in the binder in the office.

Slips, trips, and falls may be more common because of reduced visibility through face shield.ƒ We will improve visibility by checking that there is enough lighting throughout the restaurant.

Mental health impacts because of customer demands, risk of infection due to contact with the public, and other changes and stress caused by the pandemic.
ƒ We will establish regular check-ins with workers about how they’re doing and make sure all staff have access to mental health resources and supports.

How will you make sure your plan is working?

Joem and Jamie will get feedback from staff through regular conversations and pre-shift meetings, about the controls in place and if they are appropriate and/or causing concerns.ƒ Customers will be invited to provide feedback by email.
ƒ Jamie will reach out to the Joint Health & Safety Committee worker representatives to gather information that may have been brought to them and ask for input on any changes needed to the plan. ƒ Jamie and Joem will have a check in every Monday morning about how the plan is going and review
any feedback. Additional check-ins will also be held if there are changes to guidance or a major issue identified.

Any changes to the plan will be communicated to staff by email or Facebook messenger. Managers will also communicate any changes to staff at the start of their shift.