About us

What would it be like to be a wizard, even just for a few hours?

Freaky Wizard helps people power up their inner wizard by providing an immersive magical atmosphere for students, families and professionals, to share a love of geek culture, while enjoying locally sourced coffee, teas, snacks and magical drinks of all sorts. We are fully licensed with the LLBO and serve up really cool, alcohol-based potions!

We are a board game cafe with over 700 games. You can play unlimited for just $5.

We are a destination business, but we also cater to our regular customers. We serve the finest, fair-trade, locally roasted coffee; sustainable teas; locally produced snacks and treats; craft and domestic beer and wines; quality spirits; and magical confections that bring comfort, joy and inner strength to our wizardly customers. We also sell products that feed the appetite of geeks and pop culture fans: Harry Potter/Wizard stuff (wands, potions, costumes, mugs, journal etc.), vintage and collectible toys like Star Wars, 80’s and 90’s brands, posters, LEGO sets and LEGO minifigures, Funko Pops, handmade products, cosplay and costume items, comics, books and collector cards.

Check out our Great Hall. It's available for birthdays or special gatherings. Call us to reserve a time and pay your deposit here [room rental packages].

The Tavern-Toy Store is a unique mixture of an immersive experience that you can only find at Disneyland or Universal Studios, a toy store, a coffee shop, and a Wizard's Tavern all in one location. It is a place to hang out, to study, to dream, and to play (board games, trivia, puzzles, or bring your own). It is a welcoming environment to all peoples - especially families, children, new immigrants, international students, college kids, and geeks of all types. It’s the perfect place to book your birthday party or special occasion.

Our toys and collectibles are sold at competitive prices. If you're a collector, you might just find that once in a life time treasure here.  We specialize in hard to find items, vintage toys, and collector series products from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Marvel and LEGO.


Freaky Wizard hosts a variety of events for kids, adults, and geeks of every type. Follow our social media pages to stay up to date.

It’s time to power up your inner wizard!

Our store is located at 130 Bell Farm Rd. Unit 13A, Barrie Ontario. We hope you'll come check it out!

Store Hours

  • Monday- Closed
  • Tuesday til Friday - Noon to 10 PM
  • Saturday- 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Sunday - 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Contact us by phone: 226-979-8827

Our online store takes pride in being able to offer competitive prices and reasonable shipping solutions here in Canada. Freaky Wizard has 1000’s of products to satisfy the toy freak inside of you – and power up your inner wizard. 

How Our Name Was Born

Freaky Wizard's founders, Joem and Jamie, love a huge variety of pop culture and collective toy lines.  Joem is a Harry Potter expert and so he wanted the company name to incorporate the word ‘wizard’ somewhere.  Jamie is a vintage toy freak, so naturally he wanted the word ‘freak’ in there somewhere.  The next step was easy because Wizard Freak didn't work, but Freaky Wizard was awesome. It was that easy.  Freaky Wizard was launched on Feb 16, 2018 and incorporated on Nov. 30, 2018. 

Open Your Own Freaky Wizard

Wanna open a Freaky Wizard in your town or city?  We can help you.  Call us to find out about licensing and franchise options. 


If you have any suggestions or comments, please send us an email to info@freakywizard.com

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