About us

Freaky Wizard sells toys and products that fuel your fan appetite. We stock your favourite pop culture products and many cool vintage toys. Freaky Wizard has 1000’s of products to satisfy the toy freak inside of you – and power up your inner wizard. We take pride in being able to offer competitive prices and reasonable shipping solutions here in Canada.

Freaky Wizard is the online toy and game store for everyone! Right now, we’re small, but we are growing quickly!  Check our site daily for more and more items.  

Being so wizardly I wanted the company name to include ‘wizard’ and my Jedi partner thought we should use the word ‘freak’.  So, we brought our ideas together and the Freaky Wizard was born. Freaky Wizard was launched in 2018, and is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, we currently run the store out of our home. 

If you have any suggestions or comments, please send us an email to customer_service@freakywizard.com

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