Wizard's Impedimenta (Wizard Kit)

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The Wizard's Impedimenta is a wizard kit for kids or adults. It includes seven super fun magical activities, Freaky Wizard Academy stickers, and a personalized letter with your child's name, or even your name, on it.  You can spend several days working through these activities. Once you've completed these, you will be a much more powerful wizard!!

All items in this Wizard’s Impedimenta have been handcrafted or handpicked by Freaky Wizard’s Head Wizards to ensure potency and quality.

The Wizard's Impedimenta includes:

  • Personalized Letter from the Freaky Wizard Academy, with your child's name (or your name) on it. [Additional letters can be purchased if needed]  Please include the name of the child in the notes section of your order so we can prepare their letter. 
  • Freaky Wizard Code of Conduct
  • The F.W.A.T {Freaky Wizard Aptitude Test}
  • Wizard Chemistry 101 {Potion Laboratory}
        « Reagents,
        « Apparatus,
        « Safety & Instructions
        « Potion #1: Spume of Fortune
        « Potion #2: Beastie Balwark
  • Potterology Quiz
  • Salamangka
  • Wizard Challenge - entries due by June 1st, 2021
  • Recipe: Wizard’s Tonic
  • Freaky Wizard Academy Stickers

Suitable for adults & children 8 yrs and up. Children will require adult supervision.

Ideal for one child or adult, but can be shared by two.

Contents are non-toxic and not suitable for human consumption.