Wizard's Christmas Mystery Pack

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Behold the Wizard's Christmas Mystery Pack

The only thing a wizard loves more than magic itself, is a genuine mystery!  We can't think of any wizard worth their wand who can resist a good mystery.  That's why we created the Christmas Mystery Pack.  It's full of surprises that all wizards will love.

You'll be please to know that each Mystery Pack is a little different.  They all contain so many cool things and some charmingly fun activities too!


  • Mystery Wand - Yes, any wand we sell in our store could be in your mystery package!
  • Magic Items and Potions - FOR REAL!
  • Wizard Challenge #2
  • Treats
  • Other magically cool stuff that's a total secret!

Oh yes, let's not forget that your Mystery Kit comes with a special letter from Freaky Wizard, contained in a handmade envelope sealed with wax, and addressed to the person of your choice in beautiful hand-drawn calligraphy.

When you purchase the Mystery Pack, please let us know what name you would like on the letter.

Suitable for kids 5 and up; or any wizard fan (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Willow, etc.)

These Mystery Packs are limited edition so please purchase yours as soon as possible.

Shipping of the kits can also be arranged.